What is a Token and how does it differ from a cryptocurrency

What is a Token and how does it differ from a cryptocurrency?

ICO is the basis of a high-quality and sufficient investment attraction necessary for the development of the project, and the Token is considered its mandatory aspect.

Cryptocurrency is a settlement unit, which is stored in a secure database, which is used by miners for processing transfers and updating data.

What are the tokens developed for?

Basically, a Token is a specific instrument or a combination of symbols that is used to identify users of the system. This unique transcription is also relevant for ICO, but it is better to talk about tokens in the multifunctional meaning:

• they provide an opportunity to purchase services;

• they play the role of currency in the private network;

• they determine the shareholder’s share in a particular system;

• they serve as a form of remuneration.

Tokens are issued by an individual or legal entity that initiates an issue, and tokens are used both as a remuneration and a settlement unit for services or goods. Cryptocurrency emission occurs in the mining process, that is, in this case, mining plays an important role.

This difference is considered to be the main one, but generally it can be said that the cryptocurrency is used to conduct various transactions, and the tokens have a wider functionality, but smaller scalability. Mining of tokens is not carried out, and the main features of them should be highlighted as follows:

1. The spread was largely due to the growth of the crypto market, especially the development of the Ethereum platform;

2. Tokens are based on different blockchains, and initial developments were actually forks of Bitcoin;

3. Private keys are automatically purchased with tokens, and the information about assets is stored in these keys.

Common and different features between tokens and cryptocurrencies


The security of both virtual currencies is carried out almost equally at the cryptographic level. Assets transferring is fast, convenient and with minimal risk to fraudulent schemes. Tokens demonstrate better centralization. The price depends on developers in most cases.

There is a lack of their own blockchain – and the platform that was used during development serves as the main database.

However, Ethereum has a blockchain and is processed by mining, which makes it stand out among the rest. Moreover, it was designed for the optimal work of smart contracts. Depending on the features, tokens are divided into the following types:

1. app coins – for applications;

2. saving coins – credit funds;

3. assets tokens – shares.

The best way to buy a token is to make a certain operation directly on the exchange, and the whole process can be easily and simply monitored on special services, a large number of which have already been developed for that purposes.

Thus, it can be noted that tokens have better functionality compared to cryptocurrencies, and act as a payment unit and a remuneration instrument, depending on a project.

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