Rigel Platform Review

Rigel Platform Review

Cryptocurrencies have already become an integral part of many people and sometimes replace the classic money. There are a great number of services to exchange one type of asset to another. But only few of them can provide quality services. Compared to others, the outstanding feature of the Rigel Platform cryptocurrency platform is that it is completely licensed and operates exclusively in the legal field of the European countries.

The crypto-fiat exchanger functionality

To use the services, you must go through a verification process. Strange enough, but the verification procedure started immediately after the user’s request was submitted, and in an hour we already had the opportunity to exchange our money. Depositing money through a bank card was even faster and some minutes later everything was ready for buying cryptocurrency. The intuitive interface helped us be easily in the know. After selecting the desired coin and pressing a pair of buttons, we exchanged euros for Bitcoin. Since we are already authorized users, we easily managed to withdraw our funds from your account as well. The process took us a little more than 30 minutes, because we made the withdrawal to a bank account. Red tape of the traditional financial market still exists. Noteworthy that the limits of the platform are quite fair for those users who need to change fiat/crypto quickly and legally. There is a minimum threshold from which you can start changing your money. The limit is equivalent to 10 CHF (about 8 euros) for fiat currency. The maximum limit for exchange operations with fiat is equal to 500,000 CHF (approximately 400,000 Euro). For cryptocurrency the limit is up to 25 Bitcoins.

OTC from Rigel Platform

Over-the-Counter platform for exchanging large amounts provided by Rigel Platform represents a product of a good quality. The main factor of this assessment is a high level of liquidity provided, and again we know it’s the completely legal service. Submitting an order for exchanging a large amount filled totally or partially the user can be sure that the platform fulfills its obligations to customers according to laws, and fraud or strange manipulations are simply not excluded. To use the OTC platform from Rigel Platform the user is required to pass the verification process. But given that the platform exchanges large sums, this procedure is in the interest of the client. The service match verified counterparties and each party must be sure the operation is fair. Rigel Platform provides large clients with individual conditions, by which there are better prices for trades, bonus and discount contracts.

Referral program

The Rigel Platform referral program is also available for each client. The client can register as a referral and get personal links that will be used for attracting new users. The partner will receive 20% commission from the transaction volume made by clients. This percentage depends on the total turnover of the referral’s users. At the same time, using its personal area, the partner can set its margin for transactions of their users attracted by the link.

Turnkey crypto-fiat exchange product

Recently the Rigel Platform presented its new product White Label which can be advantageous for those who planned to start its own business activities but did not know how to do it. The company provides the full ready solution with complete functionality. The possibility to add OTC functions is negotiable. The White Label owner is provided with liquidity both in cryptocurrency and fiat. The users of the site may open IBAN account and get the debit card issued as well.

Worldwide crypto-fiat ecosystem

The cryptocurrency Rigel Platform is one of the largest ones in the world in terms of liquidity. However, the platform is a part of a huge crypto-fiat ecosystem, which favors it on an entirely different quality level. The company is able to provide almost all services of modern banks and thus be a powerful link between two financial spheres – fiat and cryptocurrency.

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