Overview of the Kyrrex cryptocurrency exchange

Nowadays, there are still a large number of sites that are completely not registered anywhere, and beyond the control of any regulator. That is, users of such services are working at their own risk. We always stated that reliability is above all, and by choosing a cryptocurrency platform, first of all, you need to pay attention to the registration and legal area in which this entity operates.

Today we shall have a look at the new generation cryptocurrency platform that for the last 2 years has been bringing the latest achievements of the classical financial market into the business of digital money. The company itself is registered in Malta and operates under the Maltese legislation.

Advantages of the Kyrrex cryptocurrency platform

We all know that the cryptocurrency market has not yet formed clear requirements in terms of transaction fees. Therefore, each company sets the price at its own discretion, and looking at their competitors. The Kyrrex cryptocurrency Exchange has a fair fee schedule, which depends on a trading volume. The more a user trades for the reporting period – the lower fees are to be paid. In addition, it is worth noting that the initial fees of the Kyrrex exchange is one of the lowest in the market.

The whole cryptocurrency industry is moving step by step from amateur enthusiasm to professional relationships. Competing with each other services now and then provide their customers with conditions borrowed from the classical financial market. One of these benefits is speed. Conventional exchanges are known to offer super-fast data processing centers, where millions of transactions per minute are carried out. At the planning stage the Kyrrex cryptocurrency platform was projected as the service for professional users, and the trading engine of such an exchange had to meet the requirements of large clients. Technical specifications for the already implemented exchange core reached excellence. It is almost as good as traditional stock exchanges and according to experts it obtains the ability to match 5 million orders per minute.

At the time when the first cryptocurrency exchanges were appearing on the scene an acute issue of the client funds security arose. This is especially important, given that at that time it was impossible to investigate fraudsters in the market due to the complete lack of legislation and regulatory standards. All hopes were pinned on the IT security and integrity of technical personnel. The history shows that there were many vulnerabilities in exchanges and they had to work out more and more new ways of protection. Based on the previous experience of the cryptocurrency market, the Kyrrex developers created the security system that can reliably protect customer accounts and allow them to trade without restrictions.

Developing the platform, the creators planned the architecture of the project with the feasibility of future improvements. At the moment of its launch the exchange included all the cutting-edge ideas taken from the classical market. But even this did not satisfy the desire of developers to make the best product for their customers. That is why the well-engineered architecture of micro services enables it to provide the high quality multipurpose product with the ability to add new features. Further development of the platform is a separate continuous team work, aimed at updating the functionality and services of the company.

Given that from the very beginning the platform was developed as a professional cryptocurrency exchange, it received all the necessary components for the professional trading. So the exchange has an expanded API to connect its users who trade through algorithmic systems directly to the core. All of this design is customizable and has flexible settings, which take into account the client preferences.

Kyrrex provides its users with the possibility to use the deposit program in cryptocurrency. So, the owners of digital assets can receive dividends from their funds, if they put them on a special account. The program ensures a stable yield and is suitable for those who do not actively trade and are not ready to risk their savings.

Those traders who have predicted the down move of the particular asset, but do not have it in stock, can use the Kyrrex offer of the Short list program. This feature allows to borrow the missing asset, sell it and then buy it back at a lower price. The client keeps the results from trades, returns the borrowed asset and pays a small fee for using the loan.

The Kyrrex crypto exchange offers its MAM accounts for those who do not use trading, but make investments. This is an option to invest in a particular professional trader’s strategy. There is also the possibility of creating an investment portfolio from the group of traders to make profit and diversify risks.

As it was said above, the development of the project was based on the best achievements of the classical financial market. Thus, the founders of the exchange could not help but give the very special importance to functionality of the trading platform. The Exchange received state-of-the-art technical solutions to create comfortable conditions for professional trading.

The Kyrrex platform is a kind of an assembling model kit for those who wish to use trading bots and automated assistants. You can create, connect and modify algorithmic systems based on different trading strategies directly on the platform.

The Exchange affiliate program allows all customers to bring their friends and receive profit that depends on trading volumes of funds attracted by clients. This option can be considered as another way of earning from Kyrrex for those who attract new customers.

Deep liquidity

The Kyrrex Exchange uses the entire liquidity volume of the largest cryptocurrency platform Huobi. With an exclusive agreement for the supply of liquidity at low interest fees, our platform provides its customers with the opportunity to trade large volumes on a high speed. A huge functionality together with a deep liquidity provides the necessary conditions for professional trading on the cryptocurrency market.

The product range

“Basic” package. The kit of services for new users who prefer an easy use of the platform. The client receives the packet immediately after registration. This package allows you to use the web terminal and includes the necessary set of tools to carry out trading.

“Advanced” package. Clients who have experience in trading and are willing to use a set of professional services can use the Advanced package. The price of this package is $ 20 per month. There is a discount offer – for the first 3 months the package can be used free of charge.

“Advanced +” package. The most complete package of services that allows users, in addition to the advanced features of the previous package, enjoy other auxiliary plug-ins. For example, the “Algo Studio” module for developing bots or the “Risk Management” module in order to optimize investment portfolios. This package also has a 3-month trial period, after which the customer will have to pay $ 50 per month.

The Kyrrex Exchange platforms

Platform for Windows. A universal commercial application that has a fully customizable interface and includes the high-quality trading functionality. The platform allows a direct connection to the core of the exchange and trades without any delay. In fact, this is a unique trading environment where all of the customer’s attention is directed to the trading process.

Platform for Mac. A similar proposal was made by Kyrrex to Mac OS users. This part of the audience can also take advantage of the cryptocurrency platform. The full functionality allows them to trade on any device without losing connection with the exchange.

Mobile application for full access to the site from anywhere in the world. The Kyrrex team developed a mobile application, which provides the customers with the opportunity to keep abreast of developments and to enjoy all the privileges of the cryptocurrency Exchange at any time from any place.

Web-platform can be used by customers right after the registration. This platform makes it possible to use almost all the Exchange’s services on any device through a web-browser.

A variety of customer tools

The Kyrrex cryptocurrency exchange offers its customers the opportunity to take advantage of more than 60 technical indicators and tools for drawing charts. In addition, it makes possible to write and connect bots for different purposes using C # programming language. The exchange owns a large variety of plug-ins that can be helpful for traders of various levels by performing certain tasks. For example, the Scalper module helps quickly open and close trades in a one click or keystroke. The Kyrrex Risk module allows you to configure automated account and position management. To mark the specific trade pairs a customer can create a watchlist and set alerts to receive notifications in case of certain market events. Clients can easily customize their workspace of the trading terminal on their preference.

Support service and links to media

For the full comfort of its customers, the Exchange provides a complete technical support, which has a 24/7 chat with clients trying to solve any difficulties. The speed ​​of response and execution of clients’ requests are at the highest level. The Section of the site, which publishes important news and updates from the Exchange, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, is regularly updated and gives relevant information to customers.

The own digital media resource of the Kyrrex crypto Exchange covers a wide range of news about blockchain technologies, crypto assets and new trends in technologies. Current news of the cryptocurrency world immediately comes to the attention of the platform’s users. This resource is for everyone who needs to get relevant true information.


The trust to the service begins from the ability to present a quality product to the clients. The creators of the Kyrrex platform have succeeded to release a multi-functional service which is ahead of its time and continues to go forward. The users of this site can receive high-quality services provided by experience of the cryptocurrency and traditional financial systems. The full legal field of the platform’s activities allows its customers to be confident in the safety of their funds.

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